Our Clients

Our Clients

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Throughout his legal career Pete has distinguished himself in many areas of the law both in State and Federal Court throughout Texas and the United States.

Our practice spans from: Brownsville to Seattle, Washington, and Los Angeles to Atlanta, Georgia. We have represented clients in courts in every major city in Texas, as well as, Federal courts throughout Texas, Louisiana, Washington, Arkansas, Missouri, Arizona, and California to name a few.

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Representative Clients


  • Archstone Smith Communities, Inc. (ARCH)
  • Camden Property Trust
  • Cordua Restaurants
  • Ethan Allen Interiors ™
  • Macy’s Retail Holdings, Inc. dba Macy’s™
  • Michaels
  • Pac Sunwear Store, Corp. ™
  • Transwestern™
  • Zales “The Diamond Store”™
  • Alfred Conhagen, Inc.
  • Alfred Moran – The Moran Group
  • American Loan Company
  • Arcoa Capital Partners
  • Bellows Operating Co. LLC
  • Bright Box, Inc.
  • Carroll Machine Works, Inc.
  • CHR Solutions, Inc.
  • Dynamic Geophysical Services
  • Equipark
  • ETTEM, Inc.
  • Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.
  • Gross Investments
  • Judwin Properties
  • Landar Corporation
  • Lanscape Images of Texas
  • LSR
  • Michael Stevens Interests, Inc.
  • Mustang Catepillar
  • Orion Healthcorp.
  • Pathfinder Oil & Gas
  • PCI Group
  • Phonoscope, Inc.
  • Pinnacle Realty Management
  • Pigs International
  • Relevant
  • Richkter Properties, Inc.
  • RMI
  • Robert Grieve International
  • Small Ventures USA
  • SMI Realty
  • South Oil
  • The Blue Leaf
  • The Christ Temple Apostolic Church Board of Directors
  • The Dinerstien Companies
  • TMEC Thermal Mechanical Electric Company
  • Trend Energy
  • Triad Resources
  • TRMoore & Company
  • Van Steen Marine
  • Willis Group
  • Woolim International
  • Yves Photography


  • Bill Perkins
  • Bob Lanier
  • Cindy Luu
  • Federal Magistrate Judge Mimi Yam
  • James Taylor
  • Joe Martin, Founder PDQ.NET
  • Joe Quinn, Harris County Constable
  • Joe Schultea, Former Tomball Police Chief
  • Karen Nelson – Artist
  • Larry Seward, Harris County Constable
  • Lars Langerud
  • Lee Cook
  • Mark Bush
  • Mark Ellis, Former Houston City Councilmember
  • Maurice Taylor, nine year NBA veteran
  • Michael Cordúa
  • Paula Manning
  • Ric Campo, Chairman, Camden Property Trust (CDM)
  • Robert Horry, seven time NBA champion
  • Weldon Granger

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