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Do More Recognized Brands Fare Better In Business Litigation Matters?

In business litigation law, there are a wide range of disputes that may arise. This can include discrimination allegations, business fraud, partnership breakups, business disputes, and more. While business litigation trials exist to resolve matters, is it always a fair trial?

Do businesses that are more recognizable or “prestigious” receive better treatment in the courts? Are there times where the courts will make decisions based on the parties involved rather than the facts? Some new studies suggest this may be the case, especially in matters of discrimination.

According to Brayden King of the Kellogg School, new research shows that prestigious companies may have a benefit of the doubt in the face of discrimination allegations. However, when found guilty, more recognizable companies are likely to receive harsher penalties than less prestigious ones.

This brings up concern whether other matters are handled in the same manner, such as when non-compete agreements are broken or in the event of a non-disclosure violation. These concerns make it more imperative for those going through business litigation matters to be diligent in their pursuit of legal counsel and in building a strong case.

Why Might Recognizable Companies Receive the Benefit of the Doubt?

What makes it so larger, more prestigious companies are given the benefit of the doubt in various business litigation matters? Is it the notoriety that comes with the case or the previous popularity of a company’s actions that makes them less vulnerable to guilt?

Judges may look towards acts of kindness such as charitable contributions, the history of the company, and past treatment of employees when making decisions. When the company is more recognizable, it may stand a better chance against a company or employee without the same reputation and history.

Before employees or smaller companies give way to this type of deliberation, it’s important to recognize that skilled and experienced legal counsel can help level the playing field. As can correct documentation and research into the matter.

How a Legal Team Can Help You Navigate the Complex Business Litigation World

Choosing a law firm to help you through a business litigation matter takes time and research. In terms of business litigation, there is a lot that is on the line and the decisions you make can impact the future of a company. When larger companies come into play, having skilled legal counsel is the most effective way to protect your rights and help you gather the necessary documentation.

Documentation can include contracts, any agreements that may have been signed, and any other information to help prove your case. Your lawyer should know what these mean to you and how to put them together for the courts so that regardless of prestige, you stand a fair chance at a successful trial.

One of the most important things to remember is not to try and represent yourself in business litigation matters. Most major and reputable companies have legal teams that work tirelessly to protect their interests. You should have the same on your side—someone who understands the laws completely and knows how to protect your best interests in the matter.

At Patterson, P.C., our Houston business litigation lawyer has over two decades of experience representing both companies and workers through the complex matters of business litigation. We have a firm understanding of what these types of cases entail and how to build a successful case.

Over our 25 years, we have built award-winning advocacy focused on our clients in order to guide them through some of the most difficult types of cases. We’re trial tested and Mr. Patterson is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Trial Law. We know what it takes to help. We know what it takes to win.

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