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Securities Fraud

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Securities fraud happens when a corporate officer or director makes a statement that misrepresents, distorts, or withholds information related to the company’s stock. It could also refer to the officer or director unlawfully disclosing the information and an individual or entity acting on that illegally disclosed information. Both the federal government and Texas government have laws governing the crime of securities fraud.

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Statute of Limitation

Those who might be accusing you of securities fraud only have five years from the date of the offense to pursue a law suit. This statute of limitations could protect you if the alleged crime happened more than five years ago. After this time, prosecutors can no longer charge you with any offense.

Defenses Against Securities Fraud

There are several defenses an attorney can use when defending you and your company from the allegation of securities fraud. For example, if you didn’t know about the fraud at all, you cannot be said to be explicitly involved in the crime. Likewise, if the high managerial agent of the corporation did his or her job to the best of his or her diligence to ensure securities fraud was not committed, your company might not be blamed for the fraud.

Likewise, if the agent was a registered dealer or agent in the security, no one acted on the disclosed unlawful information, or the person who committed the crime was a victim of entrapment, your attorney could help defend you against the charges.

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