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From how the company is operated to financial matters, disagreements between business associates and shareholders often arise, and may require legal action to settle the dispute. These situations can be difficult and may hurt your business in many ways if not resolved in an effective and swift manner.

Our Houston business litigation lawyers understand the delicate nature of the situation and your concerns as a business owner. We work closely with you to create cost-efficient solutions to a variety of shareholder disputes. Our goal is to resolve your disagreement in an efficient manner without hurting your business.

Some examples of disputes that we can help settle include:

  • Financial disputes over dividends and ROI
  • Breaches of shareholder agreements
  • Disputes over executive compensation
  • LLC member disputes
  • Minority shareholder disputes
  • Actions against management by shareholders
  • Fraud and deceptive practices
  • Shareholder oppression

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When shareholder disagreements occur, there are a wide variety of legal options that can be taken to resolve the matter. While taking the case to trial may be effective, it is often expensive and can financially hurt the business, as well as damage their public image and relationships with shareholders. Because of this, our initial options are always to use alternative dispute resolution before litigating. Due to its cost-saving advantage and effectiveness, direct negotiation is always the best route to take. In addition to this, mediation and arbitration are also able to resolve the matter to both parties' satisfaction. If one or both sides are unwilling to compromise, then business litigation may become necessary. Our experienced litigators at Patterson, P.C. have the skills and tools to pursue any of these options.

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