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Revealing Signs You Need an Experienced Oil & Gas Litigation Attorney

As a landowner, navigating your way through the complicated field of leasing mineral rights can be a humbling endeavor. The laws often sound vague and intricate, leaving you lost and adrift on an ocean of red tape. But help is on the horizon. Hiring an experienced oil and gas attorney is a must if you’re a well-intentioned homeowner experiencing any of the following:

1. You’re Considering Leasing the Mineral Rights to Your Property

Rushing into a mineral rights lease without consulting an experienced oil and gas attorney is a debacle waiting to happen. Done without regard to conservation, the wrong lease can be ruinous to a patch of land and to the community it helps support. It can also cause you to lose money on what should be a very profitable arrangement. If you’ve been offered a mineral rights lease, talk with us first before you commit.

2. You’ve Leased the Mineral Rights to Your Property, but the Company Hasn’t Paid You

This could be a breach of contract issue, and we’re here to help. If you’ve entered into an agreement with a mining company in which they use your land to harvest oil or gas, you should be paid according to the terms of the agreement. If that isn’t happening, you need the services of a good oil and gas attorney.

3. Your Property Has Become Contaminated from the Work Left Behind by the Mineral Company Working It

Companies who mine for minerals are regulated by strict constraints, meaning contaminating your property by not properly disposing of hazardous substances is against the law. If this has happened to you, contact us today.

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