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Has someone or something damaged a relationship you have with a business or you as a business have with someone else? In the event that this interference has caused you to sustain an economic injury, or lose out on money or income you would have otherwise made, you could hold them responsible for “tortious interference.” Tortious interference occurs in two ways: with contracts, and with business relationships. In either case, it’s important to retain an attorney who can help you recover compensation for these potentially damaging actions.

If you have sustained economic damages from tortious interference, our Houston business litigation attorney can help! As a Board Certified Specialist in Civil Trial Law, attorney Pete Patterson knows how to determine the extent to which you have suffered as a result of this interference, and can help you fight to regain your income and be compensated for your losses. With over $190 million recovered for clients in verdicts, judgements, and settlements, Pete Patterson has developed a renowned reputation for success that his clients have come to know and trust. He has also earned numerous awards and accolades for his counsel, including being named in Texas Super Lawyers for 10 straight years, and even a Top 100 lawyer in 2016!

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An Example of Tortious Interference

Tortious interference with a contract occurs when a person or company who is outside a contract between two other parties forces one of them to breach the contract. This can be either through spreading misinformation, stopping a deal from occurring, or even preventing a contract from being fulfilled through other means.

Tortious interference of a contract occurs when:

  • A contract exists between the plaintiff and someone else
  • The defendant knows the contract exists
  • The defendant’s actions in some way cause one of the parties involved to breach the contract or disrupt their ability to hold up their end of it
  • The actions and breach of contract caused the plaintiff to suffer economic damages

Tortious Interference with a Business Relationship

Interference with a business relationship is similar to interference with a contract, only this tort does not require a contract to actually exist. It can be slightly harder to prove that this actually occurred, however the definition is also extremely broad to encompass as many types of interference as possible. If you suspect that a business relationship may have gone sour as a result of outside meddling form a competitor or someone who would wish to sabotage your business, discuss your case with our attorney and get the help you need with your case!

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