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Business disputes arise every day. From a disputed transaction to disagreements between business partners, any type of business dispute can harm your business and weaken your competitive advantage in your industry. When a dispute happens, it is important to resolve the matter quickly and effectively.

At Patterson, P.C., our Houston business litigation attorney provides legal counsel to businesses, entrepreneurs, employees, and other commercial clients all across Houston. Our Houston business dispute attorneys are able to represent both plaintiffs and defendants across a range of industries and business sectors, including in the oil and gas industries, the construction industry, and the corporate world. For more information about your options regarding about your particular dispute, speak with our team today. We can evaluate the details of your dispute and inform you on what we can do to help protect your best interests.

We are able to effectively resolve a wide array of business disputes, including:

Cost-Conscious Solutions to Complex Business Matters

We always approach each case with direct negotiations first, as a cost-effective attempt to resolve the disagreement without going to court. Mediation and arbitration are also other options that we often pursue, depending on what we believe will work best for you. If we are unable to reach a sound resolution during these phases, then our veteran trial lawyers are always ready to take your case to court. We have extensive experience preparing, trying, and winning cases in front of judges and juries.

Patterson, P.C. has successfully won numerous high-profile cases for many of our previous clients. Houston business litigation attorney Pete Patterson has won over $190 million for clients in trial verdicts, judgments, settlements, and recoveries. Our attorneys strive to maintain a high standard of professionalism, integrity, and legal excellence.

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