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Patterson PC is a leading business litigation firm with a long record of success. Please see our client and colleague testimonials for an idea of the high level of service and representation that we provide.


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“He knows his stuff and works in your best interest. 10/10 would use again for any business litigation.”

Matt M.

“In 1990 my daughter Katie became extremely ill, along with many others, after starting Midway middle school. Despite warnings from the state health department that the school did not meet OSHA standards, nothing was done. In fact, they lied to the public and informed the community they had been given a “clean bill of health.” Dr. Stahl told me that it would take years but the ones who had been exposed would eventually develop cancer and autoimmune diseases but very few, if any, would make the connection. The best we could do was to get a law passed establishing an indoor air quality standards for schools. Pete Patterson was our advocate, lawyer and hero.”

Pat Kultgen

“Pete has the innate ability to take complex legal structures and methodically break them down into a manageable process. He has a very broad bandwidth that ensured our success with several litigation matters with Wall Street firms. We highly recommend Pete to anyone needing legal expertise.”

Jan Sparks & Michael Snodgrass – Managing

“Pete Patterson is an extraordinary mix of business person and trial lawyer, which allows him to give his clients the right advice about where the case is going (or will go), how to find business solutions and also how best to kick the other sides collective asses. If I were sued, I’d call Pete Patterson, and I’ve been practicing law in Houston for 29 years. Pete Patterson spent a Saturday shopping with his son while both of them were wearing Super Friends costumes. Not many great lawyers are also great dads.”

Steven R. Rech, VORYS, Co-Counsel in litigation and trial of a shareholder dispute.

“You’re an amazing man, Pete… way ahead of your time, brilliant mind and ethics that are so deep they will never, ever be compromised. I wish there were more people in the world like you.”

Former Client

“He takes a personal interest in his clients and uses all his experience and intellect to serve them. He works more efficiently and effectively than any other attorney I have ever worked with. Furthermore I have been consistently impressed by his work ethic and his diligence in applying his profession for my protection.”

Stephen Hann – Hann Builders

“I believe this was a hard case to explain…even though the witnesses were called “out of order,” it was still put together where we could follow, kind of like watching for the climax of a novel. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Juror No. 6 – Business Fraud trial that settled after cross examination of the defendant

“I guess it’s okay to say “Thanks a Million!” You did a great job! I am proud of you.”

Former Sherriff Joe Schultea in wrongful termination trial (Pete’s first seven figure result)

“I am happy and proud as a client to commend Pete Patterson as a skilled and true advocate. Pete has also become my friend and trusted advisor. When you need a real lawyer, he’s your guy.”

Larry Ramming

“Ability A+ Presentation A Personality A Treatment of Court A Treatment of Jury A+ I would feel very strong to have you represent me if the need arises.”

Juror in a Personal Injury Trial

“I wanted to take time to tell you what a wonderful job you did. Thank you, you were great. Thank you for a wonderful job!”

C. Poland – Mother of an injured child

After experiencing very poor representation by another attorney, my associate and I retained Pete Patterson to represent us on a current lawsuit. I have found him to be exceedingly thorough, quite intense actually, after acquiring all previously recorded data on our current case. I have been associated with him during the trial of two different law suits, where we have experienced success on both as he had himself and his clients well prepared. His performance in court is very professional and surpassed that of his peers. He has been diligent in keeping us informed, which has not always been the case with others who have represented me.”

Sam Peppiatt, Cathlind Energy, Ltd. – Client in an oil & gas trial

“Pete Patterson is the most zealous advocate I know. I have had the honor of trying numerous cases with Pete and can attest to his preparedness and attention to detail. He craves the real world reality and vision. He lives and dies for his clients. All told, if I ever needed a lawyer, it would be Pete. He is the real deal.”

John H. Kim – The Kim Law Firm, Co-Counsel on numerous trials over nearly 20 years

“I’ve always enjoyed teaming up with Pete on a case. I am glad I have never opposed Pete, because Pete works smart and he works hard. Whether Pete is advising a client or going to trial, Pete comes up with strategies and tactics based on the client’s needs. I’ve met some very good lawyers in my 27+ years of practice, and Pete is one of the best.”

David McDougald – Co-Counsel with Pete

“I just wanted to let you know I am actually going to graduate and start at Texas A&M this summer. If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have ever gone back to school. Thank you for everything, I owe you BIG!”

S. McElvogue – Client in an Injunction proceeding against a school district. She later graduated with honors in Marine Biology.

“Just want to reaffirm my commitment to this BS with ***** (name hidden for privacy). I had a vision of how the past 12 months would go, and it went 90% against that vision. A tangible chunk of that is my fault for not seeing the BS before we invested. I’m trained to deal with tough situations, even if I don’t like the utter BS. If I come across as unengaged, pissy, or whatever, call me up and kick my a**. This has been exhausting as my sole source of livelihood/what I’ve bet my farm on. Lots of doubts, but I always feel better after a call or in person meeting. You’ve been an outstanding mentor and advocate for me. Couldn’t have done a fraction of this without you. Thank you for your adroit legal expertise, your patience, and you mentorship. I can’t wait until we’re out of this. Thank you.”


“Pete – It was impressive to have a ringside seat and see your talent and expertise. You are a true professional and it was really a privilege to have the opportunity albeit a very wild ride.”


“Your work on our most recent mediation was excellent, and as always, you put your client’s interest well above your own. Resolution was achieved because of your diligent preparation and pragmatic approach. Thanks for making my job easy!”

Alice P. – Mediator, Arbitrator, Former Appellate Justice & Civil Trial Judge

“I had a complementary consultation with Pete. He was very gracious with his time in helping me understand some of the nuances of an employment contract. I would not hesitate to use him in the future, or recommend him to anyone seeking friendly knowledgeable representation.”

Former Client

“Without reservation I recommend Pete. Over the past year, Pete handled a difficult litigation matter and negotiated an outcome which far exceeded my expectations in every respect. Pete has proven he can handle any legal situation, and I especially appreciated his intelligent, responsive, and practical legal advice. With great confidence I highly recommend Pete.”

Kara K. DeRosa, Deputy General Counsel – Ethan Allen

“One heckuva a lawyer! Total professional, unbelievably well prepared, a real pleasure to work with. Captain of the team effort and likely MVP as well.”

Rich Reynolds, Thorton, Biechlein, Segrator, Reynolds & Guerra, LC, Represented co-defendant in complex business fraud case

“Pete Patterson and his firm have represented several of my companies over the past 15 years in matters ranging from employment matters, to violations of or use of our confidential information, to complex litigation matters. I am very pleased to report he is 14 (Wins) and 0 (Losses) in these matters. Pete is not only extremely competent but strives to find a fair and just resolution to any matter he handles.”

James A. Taylor, Managing Director & CEO – MNA

“Speaking for most of the jury, you had me convinced that Mr. Weaver was guilty of wrong doing. Most of the jury had already decided Mr. Weaver was wrong after everything you asked him…You did a great job of selecting the jury. Asking your client what she wanted from the jury was very important to your case. You did such a good job I would call you to represent my family.”

Juror No. 4 – Business Fraud trial that settled after cross examination of the defendant

“You display the wonderful traits of charm and courtesy in your profession.”

T. Nguyen – Business dispute trial client

“I want to let you know how much I appreciate your support during this difficult case. You always gave me 100% of your attention in any of our dealings. Just one of the things I like about you is your ability to articulate with clarity complicated legal matters so I can make sense of it.”

K. Nelson, Professional Artist – Business insurance dispute

“I felt that you were very intelligent and competent. I got the impression that you cared deeply about Mr. Lewis’ case and had his best interests in mind. You conducted yourself in a highly professional manner despite the antics of the attorney for Harris County. Thank you for making my first jury experience a pleasant one. Shawn was very fortunate to have you as his lawyer.”

A. Dyess – Juror in a personal injury trial for wrongful death

“Strong representation. Professional to all.”

R. Reese – Juror in professional negligence trial

“Thank you for your help and concern you have given me and towards my case. I really appreciate it. You are a good man.”

J Davis – Indigent teen injured “on the job”

“I have walked through the ‘fire’ of trial twice with Pete. Once on the defense and once on the plaintiff’s side. Both trials had my family’s reputation and millions of dollars at stake. We won both! Words cannot express how grateful I am to Pete for his compassion and his legal expertise during a very challenging time for my family and me. Pete is very meticulous in his every thought, covering every inch of ground of what is and what is not, what is fact and what is fiction. His dedication of finding out the “real” story is definitely a strong point. Pete has an incredible presence in the courtroom, speaking to the jury on their level, making sure they understand the facts clearly. Working with Pete has been an amazing experience for me, Thank you, Pete.”

Keri Tedford – Two time trial client

“Thank you for your honesty and integrity throughout the trial.”

Juror No. 5 – Two-week oil & gas trial

“I am finally home and I have been relishing in victory all day. Pete, you were amazing!! I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind you have given me. We surround ourselves with smart people who put our best interest at heart, and you are one of those people. You tell such a great story and I am truly grateful to be part of it. Thank you and take care.”

Keri, Client in a Recent Jury Trial

“I have been around plenty of lawyers in my 18 plus years of Government management. Pete ranks in the top. I was referred to Pete by a firm that could not represent me do to a conflict. The referral was spot on for my needs. Pete worked diligently to get me the best resolution possible. My situation was very difficult since I was still working (under contract) for the entity with whom we were negotiating. Pete was the upmost professional and responsive over the time I worked with him. Pete not only gave great legal guidance, he also gave me strategic guidance while still employed. Pete has an excellent reputation in the legal arena, and quite frankly his relationship with the in house counsel helped immensely. Pete was able to walk the “tightrope” with precision. Pete and Jennifer and the entire staff of his law office were responsive and always professional. In the end, Pete negotiated an agreement that was approved unanimously. I would highly recommend Pete to represent anyone, and I will use him again, if I ever need an attorney.”

Greg Smith, Former City Administrator City of Shenandoah, Texas

“I would be delighted to say publicly what I have said privately before – that you represent the best of the profession: diligence, care and attention to legal representation; excellent legal analysis and case evaluation; professionalism and common courtesies as a matter of routine; damn good results; and you have fun doing it all. That pretty much says it.”

Paul D. Clote – Attorney at Law, Mediator, Arbitrator

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