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Pete T. Patterson is an experienced and results-driven attorney located in the nation's booming Energy Industry Capital of Houston. He has successfully represented both individuals and businesses in legal matters surrounding mineral rights, property disputes, payouts, overrides, etc. In his 30 years of proven advocacy, he has recovered $190+ million and counting for his clients.

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What Does Our Oil and Gas Attorney Do?

Oil and gas law is one type of natural resources law, one that is associated specifically with the exploration, transportation, and production of natural gas and crude oil. Oil and gas law, or energy law, intersects with many areas of the law, including, employment law, environmental law, contract law, property law, and tort law.

There are many different parties that can have involved interests in any given oil and gas dispute. Our litigators represent involved parties in oil and gas cases, including:

  • Major oil and gas companies
  • Pipeline companies
  • Service contractors and providers
  • Oil and gas interest owners
  • Landowners
  • Oil and gas insurers

We can protect your interests in oil and gas transactions, operations, and contractual relationships between sellers and other parties. We can also protect you in any royalty disputes that may arise. We can prosecute for you or defend you in a wide variety of industry issues in both state and federal courts.

Pete represents both individuals and businesses in energy industry-specific legal matters, such as:

  • Mineral rights
  • Payout disputes
  • Override disputes
  • Royalty disputes
  • Oil / gas lease agreements
  • Competing lease hold rights
  • Property disputes
  • Title issues
  • Ownership issues
  • Environmental law

As an experienced oil and gas litigation attorney as well as a business litigation attorney who is Board Certified in both personal injury trial law and civil trial law, Pete is well qualified to represent you in your legal matter. To schedule a private and confidential consultation contact us today.

Can an Oil and Gas Attorney Help Land Owners Determine Monetary Damages?

Yes. It is important to note, however, that damages should never be assumed in a pending legal matter. First and foremost, an oil and gas attorney will focus on helping you to determine and protect your rights. While laws governing oil and gas-related property rights do vary by state, there is one caveat, which is held as virtually universal: "An owner of real estate also owns the minerals underneath the surface, unless the minerals are severed under a preceding deed or an agreement."

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Oil and gas litigation is a complex area of law, requiring the counsel and representation of an experienced attorney with proven success representing landowners in property issues or other energy-related legal matters. To fully understand your rights and receive a thorough evaluation of your issue at-hand, contact the offices of Patterson, P.C. to schedule an initial consultation.

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