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All businesses rely on contracts to establish the responsibilities and expectations of the parties to the contract. Whether it is a business-to-business transaction, a construction agreement or an employment agreement, a contract that is breached could be costly for all parties involved. When someone breaches a contract intentionally, it is crucial that you seek skilled legal representation as soon as possible.

Our Houston business fraud attorney Pete Patterson has more than 30 years of experience in matters of breach of contract, including instances of business fraud and intentional breach of contract. Attorney Patterson is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and he has won more than $190 million in verdicts, judgments, settlements and recoveries for his clients.

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What Is Intentional Breach Of Contract?

Prosecuting intentional breach of contract means proving the offending party violated the contract “willfully.” This means the breaching party acted while knowing that taking or failing to take an action would reasonably cause a breach of the agreement. Proving an intentional breach can be difficult without the assistance of an experienced breach of contract attorney.

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Types Of Contract Breaches

There are  generally three ways that a person or business could violate a business contract:

  • Non-material breach: One party fails to perform a minor, non-essential obligation specified in a service or product, though the service or product is ultimately delivered
  • Material/ fundamental breach: One party fails to complete terms essential to the contract’s completion
  • Anticipatory breach: When the non-breaching party sees that the breaching party will not meet its contractual obligations, terminates the contract, and sues for damage prior to the breach

Typically, contracts that did not lead to a material or anticipatory breach are overlooked by the non-breaching party. However, when a failure to meet contractual obligations leads to significant profit loss, a business can sue for compensation.

Remedies For Breach Of Contract

If you have experienced an intentional breach of contract, a number of legal remedies may be available. Damages may be rewarded to compensate for any loss you or your company experienced as a result of the breach.

Compensatory damages that you may win include expectation damages and consequential damages. Expectation damages might cover what you intended to get out of the contract, based on market value or the contract itself. Consequential damages are designed to cover indirect damages by the breach of contract. For example, if the violation of contract contributed indirectly to your loss of profits, those lost profits would be compensated.

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