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At Patterson PC, we have a long record of success in state and federal courts throughout Texas. If you need a trial attorney to protect your personal and business interests, Patterson PC is the law firm to choose.

Great Western v. Pathfinder Oil & Gas – $20 Million

On May 21, 2014 the District Court in Midland, Texas entered the Final Judgment from a jury trial victory on behalf of Pathfinder Oil & Gas. Great Western sued Pathfinder seeking to avoid their obligation to pay Pathfinder its alleged 25% interest in Oil & Gas leases known as the Linker Field. Great Western claimed that Pathfinder breached the agreement related to the leases. Patterson countersued on behalf of Pathfinder and after a two week trial the Jury came back in less than three (3) hours awarding all damages requested by Pathfinder amounting to $4,047,079.30 for past damage, interest and attorney fees, as well as, a 25% interest in any and all future income on the leases. The Jury denied all relief to Great Western.

Arbitration – $2.7 Million

Patterson successfully prosecuted a minority shareholder’s rights against a retail food company and its top executives for minority shareholder oppression and fraud. The Arbitration concluded with an award of monetary damages, stock forfeiture, costs and attorney fees amounting to $2.7 Million against the Majority Shareholder and Company. This matter was arbitrated in Los Angeles, California. Patterson was Lead Counsel.

Negligent Entrustment – $1.95 Million

Drunk driver, commercial 18-wheeler vehicle, death

Fifth Circuit Reverses Galveston Federal Judge, Reinstates Jury’s Verdict in Favor of Patterson’s Client – $1.2 Million

Patterson succeeded at trial in a Texas Tort Claims Act wrongful death verdict for $1.2 Million Dollars. However, the trial court Judge overturned the verdict and entered judgment for the City of Houston. Patterson filed and argued the Appeal to the United States Fifth Circuit District Court in New Orleans. The Fifth Circuit unanimously reversed and rendered the trial court’s decision. This reinstated the Jury’s trial verdict and the client was eventually paid.

Melissa Zaldivar v. Joseph Becker – $1.036 Million

Individually and d/b/a Becker Accounting and Tax Service a/k/a Becker’s Tax Service and Financial Management Company, Inc. – Sexual harassment, negligence action against Zaldivar’s boss after he assaulted her.

Jose Rueda v. Delgado Roofing Company, Frank B. Edwards Construction, and Houston Lighting & Power Company – $1 Million

Negligence action against the defendants for the electrocution injury to Jose Rueda while working on a residential roof.

Wrongful Death – $800,000

Contested red light, no seat belt

Toxic Tort – $690,000

Single acute exposure to airborne chemicals

Sexual Harassment – $375,000

Employee of apartment community against co-worker

Wrongful Termination – $150,000

Refusal to commit an illegal act; resolved in 45 days

Class Action Settlement

Successfully certified class and negotiated confidential settlement against National Cellular Phone company based on inaccurate and unintelligible billing practices.

Graham v. Woefel, Rogers, et al

Graham sued minority partners Woefel and Rogers for conspiracy. Again, during a break in trial, Graham (the original plaintiff) agreed to personally pay Woefel & Rogers $1 million for their minority interest in the company.

Great Western v. Pathfinder Oil & Gas – Texas Supreme Court Decision

Patterson PC is very happy to congratulate our client Pathfinder Oil & Gas. After a unanimous trial verdict in our favor, we had to chase justice for over 5 years. The Texas Supreme Court just decided in our client’s favor!

Congrats to all involved.

Graham v. Granger

Plaintiff (Counter-Defendant) Graham agreed to disgorge his 40% interest in the company at issue. This resolution occurred in the middle of trial during a break in Graham’s trial cross by Patterson’s co-counsel, John Kim.

Patterson Wins Tort Claim Against City of Houston – $1.4 Million

Ruth Hill v. City of Houston – Patterson prosecuted a Texas Tort Claims Act suit against the City of Houston for the death of two children, four and five years of age, in a house fire in Acres Homes on January 4, 1996. The Jury determined that the children died of carbon monoxide poisoning before the Fire Department arrived with an operable Pumper truck. The original Pumper at the scene had a defect (fuse) that had been previously reported and which would not allow the truck to pump water onto the burning home. This delayed an attempted rescue until the second truck arrived minutes later. The children died during the intervening minutes.

Under the Texas Tort Claims Act all damages for any one incident are capped at $500,000. However as a result of the firm’s use of all available State and Federal legal remedies, after appeal, the City of Houston ultimately paid more than the cap to resolve the claims made against the City.

Toward the end of the prosecution of this case, the City of Houston allocated an additional $27 Million dollars to upgrade and maintain it’s Fire Equipment in poor and minority neighborhoods, including Acres Homes. This is the only known trial verdict in Texas history upheld on appeal against a Texas municipality in the death of citizen attempting to hold the City responsible for such municipal functions.

Patterson Overturns $62 Million Judgment in 5th Circuit Court

Fifth Circuit (New Orleans) — After Federal District Judge Kenneth Hoyt awarded $62 million jointly and severally against 17 defendants, Patterson’s client is the only one to successfully overturn the Court’s Judgement.

Patterson argued to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on December 5, 2011. On January 10, 2012, the Court ruled in favor of Patterson’s client and reversed and remanded the case back to Federal District Court in Houston.

Hanna Skye and Al Moreno are the only defendants out of 17 to have successfully appealed and reversed the Federal District Judge’s Judgment.

Joe Schultea v. City of Tomball – $1.4 Million

Whistleblower action Joe Schultea v. City of Tomball, et al on behalf of the Former-Chief of Police against the City of Tomball as a result of the City’s wrongful demotion and eventual termination of the Chief after he had reported unlawful actions on behalf of a Tomball City Council member. This is one of the first cases successfully tried under the new laws enacted in 1996 dealing with revisions to the Texas Whistleblower Act. The jury deliberated less than 45 minutes before returning this award.

Verdict Under the Whistleblower Act – $1.4 Million

Schultea v. The City of Tomball After a two week trial in Schultea v. The City of Tomball, the Jury deliberated for only 45 minutes before awarding Former Tomball Police Chief Joe Schultea all of the $1,400,000 requested by Patterson in closing arguments. The Jury then asked to meet with Pete and his client, Chief Schultea. This case was successfully tried only weeks after significant changes in the Texas Whistleblower Act.

The City of Tomball appealed the verdict to the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals but to no avail and the City eventually paid Patterson’s client to resolve this matter.

Toxic Tort

IAQ – Exposure to formaldehyde fumes in commercial construction.

Contract Dispute – $800,000

Broker fee dispute; settled in less than six months, after several previous counsel had failed to advance the client’s claim.

Construction Accident – $760,000

Fractured hip and leg

Wrongful Death – $700,000

Disputed suicide

Wrongful Termination – $400,000

Refusal to commit an illegal act

Verbal Sexual Harassment – $100,000

Resolved in 30 days


After Patterson’s cross examination of the Plaintiff on the stand, The Court dismissed all fraud and individual claims against Patterson’s client.


During jury selection, Patterson negotiated the dismissal of the Plaintiff’s entire case. This included the Plaintiff paying all court costs to Patterson’s client.

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