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What Is a Non-Compete Agreement?

A non-compete agreement is a legal tool that employers can use to protect their trade secrets and interests. These contracts typically work by forbidding employees and ex-employees from either owning or working for a competitor for the specific period of time stated in the contract. Many times, workers will pay little attention to a non-compete agreement. They don't consider it until they are searching for another form of employment and problems arise with their former employer.

Non-compete agreements can be signed at any time during the employment process, including:

  • At the time of hiring a new employee
  • During the course of employment
  • At the time of termination, often as a condition of a severance agreement

Have questions about a non-compete agreement in Texas? We can look over the details of your agreement during a consultation.

Non-Competes in Texas

Texas courts generally disfavor non-compete agreements. However, they will uphold one if it is legally enforceable and meets certain requirements:

  • The agreement does not impose greater restrictions on the employee than necessary to protect the business's interests
  • The agreement contains reasonable restrictions regarding geographical limits, time, and activities

Well-Informed Legal Assistance with Non-Compete Agreement Violations

At Patterson, P.C., our Houston business litigation attorneys have over 30 years of experience providing competent legal advice to our clients and litigating non-compete agreements. Whether you are an employer preparing to draft a non-compete, an employee who has been asked to sign a non-compete, or an employee wanting to leave your company and wondering how you will be affected by the non-compete in place, we can help. Our Houston non-compete agreement attorneys can review the terms of your contract and inform you of how to protect your best interests.

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